VSWORK Virtual Space / XR remote multi-user collaboration platform
Redefine the way of working

Help VR/AR content providers quickly gather multi-user remote interaction functions

Access your Virtual Space Anywhere, Anytime

VSWORK Virtual Space/XR remote Multi-user Collaboration Platform

Embedded with several synchronizing features to give user most realistic and immersive experience inside the virtual environment

OpenSDK interface based on Unity3D for the developers, provide various interactive template source code, covering many interactive scenes.

VSWork toolbox is designed for productive learning in a virtual space with numerous interaction feature, including laser pen, virtual camera, uploading 3D model and many more

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. VSWork do not trade any data of its users to other person or institute.We deploying a private cloud server, ensuring the privacy of each enterprise's files.

VSWork aims to provide virtual platform for intuitive Remote Learning, Work & Virtual Events


Helps student learn better by visualizing as they can instantly immerse with the topic first hand. Users can make best use of the built-in toolboxes for creative learning.

Business & Marketing

Time efficient, saves money, simulates product using 3D model, with real-time collaboration to any part of the world at any time.

Virtual Events

Organize all sorts of virtual events, bringing people from all over the world together in Virtual Space, with real-world like experience.
Our partner
Maintains an open, innovative, truth-seeking and pragmatic development and cooperation concept to achieves a win-win situation with our partners.

VSWORK Network Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and innovation of the XR remote multi-user collaboration platform. It upholds the concept of developing products that can truly create value for users. Virtual reality, AR augmented reality, and MR mixed reality have developed many innovative applications. The XR remote multi-person collaboration platform can be used in many fields such as immersive remote meetings, education, training, online exhibitions, real estate marketing, 360 live broadcast, design reports, etc., allowing people to quickly enter the virtual space, and “face-to-face” communication, collaboration, and interaction .


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Email: simon.chui@vswork.com

Address : F10, NO. 199 Taishan Rd, Nanjing, China

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